Clap Now has worked with small, mid-cap, and large-cap companies nationwide in assisting problems relating to a wide range of business fields, including (but not limited to): retail, food services, contracting, finance, telemarketing, advertising, and travel. Within these individual fields, we have experience with employee management, payroll, sales, budgets, deadlines, hospitality, customer relations, marketing, interviewing, training, hiring/firing, coaching, expansion, sales, and much more.

Team leader and CEO, Steven Neistein, has experience dealing with several Fortune 500 companies, helping revolutionize concepts and ideas that have kept these companies at the top of the competitive chain. He now heads Clap Now in a direction geared towards designing and using such similar techniques to excel the art of marketing for your business. Equal drive is present for individuals or companies of any size.

In addition, Steven abides by the standards set by "The Better Business Bureau" to help recognize and create efforts toward better business practices nationwide. He has also worked with different chamber branches to help familiarize businesses with the community.

On top of his business achievements and leadership, Steven has been recognized for his investment consultation. Steven has had experience in, not only monitoring and tracking the stock market, but also in evaluating real estate trends. Finally, he has given advice to prospective/current investors, in order to help them create and add liquidity to their portfolios. Steven’s relentless work ethic, natural ability, and entrepreneurial mindset are what have propelled him to introduce Clap Now as the new breakthrough in business solutions. Time is money, and the clock is ticking. Don't waste another second. Let Clap Now tailor your business needs today, so that you can start clapping for a job well done!



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